BioInnovation Wales Lunch

4th July 2019

Location: NPTC Newtown, Themes Restaurant
Time: 12pm - 2pm

Want to know more about the circular economy and how to integrate its sustainable ‘more from less’ ethics into your business?

Join us for a buffet lunch at NPTC Newtown, Themes Restaurant 04 July 12-2 pm

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Find out about the highly subsidised, online training that we have on offer for you and your workforce; and chat with academics involved in this field.

BioInnovation Wales is a partnership between Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities. It is a new program offering high-level distance learning to businesses and individuals in Wales’ food and biotechnology sectors. You can work towards a Master’s qualification or just take modules of interest. Our wide range of courses explore questions such as:

  • What is the circular economy and how can I apply it to my business?
  • How can we demonstrate our environmental credentials?
  • How can we improve our packaging strategies to ease plastic pollution and meet consumer demands, without wasting produce?
  • How can we make healthier, more eco-friendly products?
  • How can I gain value from ‘waste’ resources?
  • What’s the latest in automation innovation for the meat industry?
  • How can I encourage my customers, employees or wider society to change their behaviour?

Tapping into the latest research and understanding how you can use ‘circular economy’ thinking to help to make your business more environmentally sustainable and more resilient is an important step towards developing your own innovative solutions. Why not visit BioInnovation Wales and see if we have something that your business could use?

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