Embracing the circular economy

There are many changes facing our society: Political (obviously), technological and climatic, to name but a few. Many in the Welsh agri-food industry are adjusting to these changes by applying the latest science to their business questions: How can we demonstrate our environmental credentials? How we make our liquid waste safer and increase its value? How can we improve our packaging strategies to ease plastic pollution and meet consumer demands, without wasting produce? How can precision technologies be applied to livestock or horticultural production?

Wales is home to some of the best food and drink producers in the world and has shown significant growth in recent years. The industry is currently worth nearly £7bn to the Welsh economy and many of its products are recognized for their excellence with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. How can we ensure that these world-famous products can reach new markets? Post Brexit the Welsh food and drink industry will receive a £22m cash boost to build on their success to date and help the sector thrive. In addition, a new £6.5m Circular Economy fund has just been announced to help businesses to better incorporate recycled materials into their products and become more environmentally sustainable.

Tapping into the latest research and understanding how you can use ‘circular economy’ thinking to help to make your business more environmentally sustainable and more resilient is an important step towards developing your own innovative solutions. BioInnovation Wales, a partnership between Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities, is a new program offering high-level on-line training to businesses and individuals in Wales’ agri-food and biotechnology sectors. Offering these courses bilingually ensures that the people of Wales are able to study in their preferred language. Increasing the availability of these courses in Welsh expands the technological infrastructure in Wales and advertises the fact that science postgraduate qualifications do not have to be in English only.

Our next courses start 15th May – why not visit BioInnovation Wales and see if we have something that your business could use?

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