Waste Food Redistribution

Landsker Business Solutions Ltd (A business consultancy based in Whitland, Carmarthenshire) have been tasked by Fareshare Cymru (A waste food redistribution charity) to help find more food suppliers – you may have seen this in the press recently.

As a supplier in the food industry, we are asking whether you have any surplus food either on a regular or on an ad hoc basis, that FareShare could redistribute to those in need. FareShare Cymru can accept chilled, ambient and frozen ingredients/finished goods.

Waste food from supermarkets and coffee shops could be redistributed to those in need.

FareShare Cymru is part of FareShare UK, the UK’s biggest charity that fights hunger and food waste by saving in-date surplus food and redistributing through a network of frontline projects across Wales. These projects, which include homeless shelters and school breakfast clubs, use the food to create hot meals or food parcels for people at risk of hunger, loneliness or isolation.

One-third of the food we produce globally is wasted. Reducing this is good for the economy, good for food security, good for the climate and good for your business. With awareness and scrutiny of food waste rising, FareShare provides a great solution.



Sarah Germain, the project leader at FareShare Cymru, has given us the following quote:

 “Not only does redistributing surplus food boost businesses’ sustainability credentials, it can also engage customers and staff – many suppliers say their employees are motivated knowing the businesses’ surplus is helping vulnerable people in the community”.


“But the real benefit is felt on the ground. Fresh surplus food means charities can offer their clients a varied, healthy diet, and the money saved on food bills can be reinvested back into other vital services. For some charities the food is a lifeline, with one in five saying that they’d have to close without it”.


“If you are a food business with surplus you’d like to make best use of, we urge you to get in touch”.


“Surplus is inevitable, but food waste doesn’t have to be.”

More information about FareShare Cyrmu can be found here.

We would be incredibly grateful for any help that you can give, therefore, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact Ashley Calvert 01994 240631 Email ashley@landsker.co.uk.

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