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TitleLocationContract TypesWorking HoursSalaryRefhf:tax:job_regionhf:tax:contract_typehf:tax:job_sector
Human Resources Advisor
Human Resources AdvisorMerthyr TydfilFull-Time, PermanentMonday to Friday, 37.5 hours per week£32,000 per annumFSC-JNB-365south-eastfull-time-permanenthr
Food Production Operative
Food Production OperativeAbergavennyFixed Term, Full-Time, Part-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10 per hourFSC-JNB-364south-eastfixed-term full-time part-time permanentproduction
Shop assistant
Shop assistantCarmarthenPart-Time25 - 30 hours per weekMinimum wage to begin, increased with experienceFSC-JNB-363south-westpart-timeretail
Production Operative (Flow wrap)
Production Operative (Flow wrap)PontypoolPermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.31 per hourFSC-JNB-362south-eastpermanentproduction
Production Operative
Production OperativePontypoolPermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.31 per hourFSC-JNB-361south-eastpermanentproduction
Stock Controller
Stock ControllerCwmfelinfach, NewportPermanentMon – Fri Day Shift£13.50 p/hFSC-JNB-360south-eastpermanentstorage
Hygiene Operator
Hygiene OperatorMerthyr TydfilFull-Time, Permanent10pm – 6am, Monday to Friday£10.25 per hour (starting rate)FSC-JNB-359south-eastfull-time-permanentcleaning
Engineering Technician
Engineering TechnicianMerthyr TydfilFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£35,000 per annumFSC-JNB-358south-eastfull-time-permanentengineering technical
Shop Floor Operator
Shop Floor OperatorMerthyr Tydfil Full-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.25 per hour FSC-JNB-357south-eastfull-time-permanentpackaging production
Production Operative
Production OperativeNew Inn, PontypoolFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.25FSC-JNB-355south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Multi-skilled Engineer
Multi-skilled EngineerNew Inn, PontypoolFull-Time, Full-Time, Permanent4 on 4 off£37,107FSC-JNB-354south-eastfull-time full-time-permanentengineering
Senior Production Operator - Process
Senior Production Operator – ProcessNewportFull-TimeVarious Shift Patterns£12.50phFSC-JNB-353south-eastfull-timeproduction
Senior Production Operator - Packing
Senior Production Operator – PackingNewportFull-TimeSunday – Thursday 10pm/6am£12.50phFSC-JNB-352south-eastfull-timeproduction
Production Operator - Process
Production Operator – ProcessNewportFull-TimeVarious Shift Patterns£11.50phFSC-JNB-351south-eastfull-timeproduction
Production Operator – Process
Production Operator – ProcessNewportFull-TimeSunday – Thursday 10pm/6am£11.50phFSC-JNB-350south-eastfull-timeproduction
Hygiene Operator - Weekends
Hygiene Operator – WeekendsNewportFull-TimeSaturday and Sunday – 12 hours each£13.50phFSC-JNB-349south-eastfull-timecleaning
Industrial Chef – Cooking (12 hour Rotating Shifts Days & Nights)
Industrial Chef – Cooking (12 hour Rotating Shifts Days & Nights)Rogerstone, NewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£425-£446 per weekFSC-JNB-348south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Machine Operative – Food Production (Days)
Machine Operative – Food Production (Days)Rogerstone, NewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£382-£401 per weekFSC-JNB-347south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Machine Operative - Food Production (12 hour Rotating Shifts)
Machine Operative – Food Production (12 hour Rotating Shifts)Rogerstone, NewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£425-£446 per weekFSC-JNB-346south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Production Operative - Days
Production Operative – DaysRogerstone, NewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£364 per weekFSC-JNB-345south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Production Operative - Nights
Production Operative – NightsRogerstone, NewportFull-Time, Permanent23:30-07:00£403-£413 per weekFSC-JNB-344south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
QA – Food Production (Days)
QA – Food Production (Days)Rogerstone, NewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£401 per weekFSC-JNB-343south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
QA – Food Production (Nights)
QA – Food Production (Nights)Rogerstone, NewportFull-Time, Permanent23:30-07:00£423-£456 per weekFSC-JNB-342south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Cutting Plant Manager
Cutting Plant ManagerCorwenPermanentMon-Fri 9-5£ Depending on ExperienceFSC-JNB-339north-eastpermanentprimary-processing
TechnicianHaverfordwestFull-Time4 on 4 off shift pattern£ Dependent on ExperienceFSC-JNB-338south-westfull-timetechnical
Multi Skilled Engineer
Multi Skilled EngineerHaverfordwestFull-Time4 on 4 off shift pattern£ Depending on CandidateFSC-JNB-337south-westfull-timeengineering
Technical Manager
Technical ManagerHaverfordwestFull-TimeMonday to Friday, 9am to 5pm£ Dependent on ExperienceFSC-JNB-336south-westfull-timetechnical
Office Administrator
Office AdministratorKenfig Industrial Estate, Port TalbotFull-TimeMon – Fri. 9.00am to 5.00pmMeets living wage for ageFSC-JNB-335south-eastfull-timeother
Junior Sales
Junior SalesKenfig Industrial Estate, Port Talbot Full-TimeMon – Fri. 9.00am to 5.00pm. Meets living wage for ageFSC-JNB-334south-eastfull-timesales-marketing
Savoury Plant Operative
Savoury Plant OperativeSpelter Industrial Estate, MaestegFull-TimeVarious Shift PatternsMinimum Wage structure appliesFSC-JNB-332south-eastfull-timeproduction
BakerSpelter Industrial Estate, MaestegFull-TimeVarious Shift PatternsMinimum Wage structure appliesFSC-JNB-331 south-eastfull-timeproduction
Production Operative
Production OperativeDeeside Industrial ParkFixed Term, Full-Time, Permanent, Part-Time4-day-week, 12 hour shifts£9.88 per hour starting wageFSC-JNB-330north-eastfixed-term full-time-permanent part-timeproduction
Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen AssistantAberbargoed, CaerphillyFull-Time, Part-TimeMonday to Friday – 8.30am to 5.30pm£17,000 - £20,000FSC-JNB-326south-eastfull-time part-timefood-manufacturing
Pastry Chef
Pastry ChefAberbargoed, CaerphillyFull-TimeMonday to Friday – 8.30am to 5.30pm£20,000 - £25,000 FSC-JNB-327south-eastfull-timefood-manufacturing
Production Operative
Production OperativeBreconFull-TimeRotating Shift PatternFrom £20,000 per yearFSC-JNB-316south-eastfull-timeproduction
Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen AssistantAbergwyngregynFixed Term, Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary10:00 – 18:00£10.50 an hourFSC-JNB-313north-westfixed-term full-time part-time temporaryretail
Food Production Operative
Food Production OperativeAbergavennyFixed Term, Full-Time, Part-TimeTBD£10 per hour FSC-JNB-307south-eastfixed-term full-time part-timeproduction
Food Production Operative
Food Production OperativeNewportFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.55-£12.50 per hourFSC-JNB-306south-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Front of House Staff
Front of House StaffAbergwyngregynFixed Term, Full-Time, Part-Time10:00 – 18:00£10.50 an hourFSC-JNB-304north-westfixed-term full-time part-timeother
Tour Guide
Tour GuideAbergwyngregynFixed Term, Full-Time, Part-Time10:00 – 18:00£10.50 an hourFSC-JNB-303north-westfixed-term full-time part-timeother
Production Operatives
Production OperativesHaverfordwestFull-Time, Permanent6:00 – 14:00 or 10:00 – 18:00£23,712 – 26,208FSC-JNB-300south-westfull-time-permanentproduction
Despatch Team Leader
Despatch Team LeaderCardiffFull-Time, Permanent8 hour shift weekday A.M & P.M Shift rotation £10.50 - £11.17 an hourFSC-JNB-299south-eastfull-time-permanentlogistics management
Night Hygiene Operative
Night Hygiene OperativePontypoolFull-Time, PermanentFriday to Sunday 8pm - 6am£10.05 per hour + 15% shift allowanceFSC-JNB-298south-eastfull-time-permanentcleaning
Packing Supervisor
Packing SupervisorCardiffFull-Time, PermanentA.M & P.M Shift rotation £25,000 a yearFSC-JNB-296south-eastfull-time-permanentpackaging
Production Packing Process Roles
Production Packing Process RolesCardiffFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.50-£11.17 per hourFSC-JNB-292south-eastfull-time-permanentpackaging
Hygiene Operative Industrial Cleaning
Hygiene Operative Industrial CleaningPontypoolPart-TimeFriday & Saturday - 8pm - 6am£10.05 per hour + 15% shift allowanceFSC-JNB-290south-eastpart-timecleaning
Working Line Leader AM Shift
Working Line Leader AM ShiftBlaenavonFull-Time, PermanentMon-Fri AM shift 6.30am - 2.30pmFrom £25,000 per yearFSC-JNB-288south-eastfull-time-permanent
Production Operative
Production OperativeCaernarfonFull-Time, Permanent07.00am – 15.30pm£9.50 p/hFSC-JNB-271north-westfull-time-permanentproduction
Hygiene Operative
Hygiene OperativeBalaFull-Time4on–4off 12-hour shifts.£10.00 per hourFSC-JNB-265mid-wales north-westfull-timecleaning
Production Operative
Production OperativeBalaFull-Time4on – 4off 12-hour shifts£10.00 per hourFSC-JNB-266mid-wales north-westfull-timeproduction
Electrical Engineer
Electrical EngineerLlanidloesFull-Time12 hour shifts 4 x 4 5.00 – 17.00£36KFSC-JNB-263mid-walesfull-timeengineering
Production Operatives
Production OperativesLlanidloesFull-TimeMonday to Friday 6.00am startStarting at £10.03phFSC-JNB-261mid-walesfull-timeproduction
Machine Operators
Machine OperatorsLlansantffraidFull-Time, PermanentDay shift 05:30 - 18:00, Night Shift 17:30 - 06:00 (2 Days, 2 Nights, 4 off)£23,000 - £26,000 Per YearFSC-JNB-260north-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Production Operatives – Day and Night Shifts
Production Operatives – Day and Night ShiftsTywyn, GwyneddFull-Time, PermanentVarious Shift Patterns£10.20phFSC-JNB-255mid-wales north-westfull-time-permanentproduction
Forklift Truck Drivers
Forklift Truck DriversKnightonFull-Time, Permanent4 on 4 off 12-hour shifts £10.50 to £12.00 depending on job locationFSC-JNB-241mid-walesfull-time-permanentwarehouse
Production Operatives - Hello Fresh Evenings
Production Operatives – Hello Fresh EveningsLlangefni, AngleseyFull-Time, Permanent1pm to 10pm£10.37 p/hFSC-JNB-249north-westfull-time-permanentproduction
Primary Operatives (Abbatoir)
Primary Operatives (Abbatoir)Llangefni, AngleseyFull-Time, Permanent5:30-14:30£10.37 p/hFSC-JNB-251north-westfull-time-permanentprimary-processing
Amber Food Operatives
Amber Food OperativesLlangefni, AngleseyFull-Time, Permanent05:45 to 14:45£8.91 p/hFSC-JNB-252north-westfull-time-permanentpackaging
ACM Matchill Production Operatives
ACM Matchill Production OperativesLlangefni, AngleseyFull-Time, Permanent7.45am to 4.45pm£9.61 p/hFSC-JNB-250north-westfull-time-permanentproduction
Production Operator
Production OperatorKnightonFull-Time, Permanent4 on 4 off 12-hour shifts Starting £12.00 per hourFSC-JNB-242mid-walesfull-time-permanentproduction
Production Operative – Nights
Production Operative – NightsFlintFull-Time, Permanent4 on 4 off (12 hour shifts), working 19:00 - 07:00£9.95 – £11.85 dependent on the roleFSC-JNB-200north-eastfull-time-permanentproduction
Bottling Hall Operative
Bottling Hall OperativeAbergwyngregynPermanent8am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday£9.50 p/hFSC-JNB-180north-westpermanent
Food Production Operative
Food Production OperativePontyclunFull-Time, Part-TimeShifts between 7am and 7pm£9.50 per hour (NMW/NLW during induction)FSC-JNB-174south-eastfull-time part-timeproduction
Team leader / Supervisor operations
Team leader / Supervisor operationsLlantarnam Full-TimeTBC£453.46 per weekFSC-JNB-91south-eastfull-time
Machine Operator
Machine OperatorLlantarnam Full-TimeVarious Shift Patterns£437.51 per weekFSC-JNB-88south-eastfull-time
Quality Assurance Technologist
Quality Assurance TechnologistBreconFull-TimeVarious Shift PatternsTBCFSC-JNB-81mid-walesfull-time
Quality Assurance Operative
Quality Assurance OperativeLlangefniFull-Time, Permanent3pm – 12am (Tuesday to Sunday)£10.16FSC-JNB-7north-westfull-time-permanent
Shop & Retail Assistant
Shop & Retail AssistantAberystwythFull-Time40 hours per week£ National Minimum WageFSC-JNB-29mid-walesfull-timeretail
Production Operative
Production OperativeLlangefniFull-Time, PermanentVarious full-time shift patterns; 7am – 4pm, Monday – Friday 6am – 3pm, Tuesday – Saturday 3pm – Midnight, Monday – Friday£9.61 to £10.16FSC-JNB-6north-westfull-time-permanent
General Operative
General OperativeCross HandsFull-Time, PermanentVarious shifts available£8.72 to £10 per hour dependent on experienceFSC-JNB-9south-westfull-time-permanentproduction
General Bakery Assistant
General Bakery AssistantAberystwythFull-Time40 hours per week£ National Minimum WageFSC-JNB-28mid-walesfull-timeproduction

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