How it works

A little more about the campaign

This campaign was launched in early 2022 and we would like to hear from anyone interested in getting involved. You might have your own active campaign or project; campaign ideas you always wanted someone to consider; or you may have a really interesting company story to tell. We aim to be an umbrella campaign for all such things.


The campaign aims to provide a platform that will include:

  • An overarching identity for future recruitment drives and pilot work around sustainable workforce issues.
  • Develop further the Food Skills Cymru Jobs Notice Board to highlight current positions in the industry.
  • Case study interesting personal and company stories that will entice potential applicants into the industry.
  • Work with stakeholders, from key representative bodies through to varying groups, aimed at amplifying our campaign message far and wide.
  • Signpost to a range of wider online material but currently hard to find due to the dispersed nature of the information.

Who is the campaign aimed at?

Everyone. From the recent school leaver and the college/university graduate through to career changers and those retired interested in a refreshing change. They all have a role to play in energising and growing the industry in Wales.

Our initial starting focus is in food and drink processing and manufacturing, however, no matter what part of the supply chain you are from, we want to hear from you if you have vacancies to fill and a great story to tell.

How can I get involved?

Here are a few ways your company or organisation can get involved:


Advertise your job opportunity on our job notice board

If you have a vacancy (or a number of vacancies) get in touch so that we can place them on our Food Workforce Wales job notice board and promote the opportunities widely through online paid advertising as well as promoting through wider channels. The job board is already active and we’ll be building on it further over the coming months.

Help us showcase the industry

Through filmed or written case studies we aim to show the variety and diversity of roles within the industry. If you have a great story to tell about why a new recruit should join your business, sector, or the wider industry in general, then we want to hear from you!

Shout about the industry and the campaign

This campaign is very much underway and we’d like to hear from you now so that we can promote your vacancies and opportunities, as well as provide initial information online to those interested in a career in the industry and seeking advice.

Industry Feedback

All we ask from you in return is that you to let us know if the campaign has made a difference to you and your business and for you to update us when vacancies have been successfully filled.

Your support can help make this campaign a success.

To learn more and get involved contact the Food Workforce Wales team at: