Distillery Operator / Manager

Contract Type:
Full-Time Full time

Working Hours:
9am to 5pm

£18k - £30k dependent on experience


WRC Holdings LTD

Closing date for applications:

For further information or to apply please contact:
Monika Kolarich

Ref: FSC-JNB-201

Job Description

Key responsibilities include:

• Manage the distillery’s workforce to meet production goals
You must ensure the distillery’s departments have enough staff available to meet production goals. This must be done while observing budgetary restraints.

• Ensure that the distillery’s products maintain quality standards
You will work in conjunction with the production line to ensure the distillery’s products remain high quality.

• Manage distillery equipment
You will be responsible for ensuring that distillery equipment is used effectively and maintained correctly.

• Monitor costs during the production process
You will ensure that the cost of each production run remains compliant with the budget set out for it. You will also do your best to avoid any mistakes that cause a loss on the production line.

• Ensure health and safety compliance
Make sure that the distillery is a safe place to work. Working with other staff, you will ensure the necessary workplace safety regulations are strictly adhered to, meeting SALSA and all accreditation regulations

• Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
You must supervise all distillery departments to ensure they comply with environmental, as well as meeting SALSA and all other accreditation regulations

Additional Information

We are an exciting, innovative new Rum brand with a unique Welsh twist, we have a bunch of awards under our belt after just 1 year of production and have lots of promising things in the pipeline.
We are looking for someone to join our team to run the day-to-day at our small distillery in Carmarthen as we grow into the UK’s biggest brand and beyond, we expect this role to grow with the brand and support and encourage internal promotion within our small friendly team, so this is a unique role with lots of opportunity for the right candidate.