Wales. A Food Destination

OnePlanet Adventure

Oneplanet Adventure is one of the UK’s leading Forest Visitor Centre, located at Coed Llandegla Forest near Rhuthin. The cafe provides the perfect recipe of hearty local food, great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. Oneplanet café’s philosophy is based on supporting local businesses and they are committed to sourcing as many of the ingredients as locally as possible.

We helped develop a database of a wider selection of local suppliers and Welsh wholesalers enabling them to further fulfil their philosophy. The chefs and team attended some of the workshops we ran on Menu Development and Food Tourism as well as meet the producer events where they were able to meet producers face to face.

The meat comes from the farm adjacent to the forest. The milk, from the local dairy and the bread is delivered fresh from the bakery down the road. They believe that not only does this help to support the local economy, it means they are able to offer you the best quality food possible.


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